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Advocate Hemi Oren

Advocate Oren is a graduate of the Bachelor's Degree in Law (LL.B) from Tel Aviv University in 1994, and a Master's Degree in Law (MBA) from Tel Aviv University in 1998.

Adv. Oren worked as a paralegal and as an intern in the District Court of Tel Aviv, and finished his internship in 1995, as he continued to work for "Baruch Y. Manoh" Law Firm.

In 1998, Adv. Oren became the Head of the Real Estate Department at "Dr. Y. Segev" in Tel Aviv.

In 2001, Adv. Oren established his own firm.
Adv. Oren represented some of the largest companies in the Israeli market, such as, Tshuva Grp, Errison Grp, Ofer Brothers, A. Dori, and other construction companies, and more.

Adv. Oren represents construction companies, real estate developers in real estate transactions, combination deals, group purchases and more. This along with representation of buyers in all sorts of real estate deals.
Also, Adv. Oren represents the insurance company "Ayalon" as an advisor in regards to professional negligence in the real estate field against lawyers insured by "Ayalon".

Adv. Oren specializes in the field of Real Estate, including representation of apartment owners and developers in the field of "TAMA 38".

On March 2015, Adv. Oren became a partner in Cassouto-Noff Law firm, and is head of the Real Estate Department.

Adv. Oren founded Noff, Oren, Ben Ami  & Co. Law Office In March 2017.

 Phone: 03-6566661 

 Fax: 03-6566662

Noff, Oren, Ben Ami & Co.

Law Office

10 Dubnov St., Dubnov House, 1st Floor

Tel Aviv 6473209, Israel

Tel. 972-3-6566661

Fax. 972-3-6566662

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